sovity was founded in December 2021 and is accomplishing key results within the first 100 days. The key vision stands over all activities: Enable companies to be frontrunners in data ecosystems by providing an easy access to technology of data sovereignty. To achieve this vision, the team is growing, sovity’s product is enhanced and key partnerships a signed.
Team: Extending the core team is a mission critical topic as young company. So far, we scaled from three to eight with more experts to come.

Product: Simplifying the use of Data Sovereignty technology is our main objective. Today, it is already possible to access your individual Connector within minutes.

Partners: Evolving in line with the market needs is one key principle. We are excited to collaborate already with different partners and customers.

This is just the beginning – we are looking forward to continue the journey.

Pressekontakt sovity: Sebastian Kleff,

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