Data Spaces:
share data in a standardized and controlled way!

To use the full value of data we need to speed up the implementation of use cases. Our vision is to empower organizations and build global data ecosystems. This calls for a standardized way to connect data between companies and for scalable data sharing in an interoperable way in Data Spaces. It is crucial for companies to keep data decentralized and at their source. Then Data Sovereignty guarantees full control as data owner and the defined usage policies – enabling sharing data with thousands of partners.

Data Space technology: sharing data with sovity standardized keeping full control

Data is enormously valuable, but only 20% of today’s industrial data is used. Connect to partners, clouds, or applications with sovity’s Data Space technology. It allows data sharing independent of the underlying IT infrastructure. Standardized usage policies help data owners define how, when or who is allowed to receive and use data. Open source software ensures interoperability, scalability and prevents lock-in effects. Use cases such as calculating CO2 emissions of a product require data sharing with multiple partners. Focus on creating business value while using sovity’s technology – we are the tech experts for Data Spaces, you are the expert of your use case!

Our solution is based on:

Generate value in Data Spaces with sovity’s products

Leverage sovity technology and open source software that is fully compliant with international standards. With our Connector, you can easily join Data Spaces or set up your own Data Space for your use case.

Connect to a Data Space!

We help you to join your desired Data Space with a low entry barrier and as easy as possible. At low cost you will access the Data Space within minutes if you leverage sovity’s Connector-as-a-Service. No technical knowledge is required from you. sovity’s products are based on open source software, which is enhanced with additional functionalities to provide and manage data offers. All are fully compliant to a broad range of Data Space standards.

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Build an entire Data Space!

We support you in setting up a Data Space for your ecosystem – so you can quickly benefit from the increased business value. sovity’s Data Space-as-a-Service sets up a complete Data Space according to your needs. It is based on the existing standards of IDS (International Data Spaces) and Gaia-X. sovity supports you with its strong expertise gained from numerous Data Spaces experiences so you can focus on creating business value with use cases.

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Benefit: Create additional business value with sovity

We are the experts in Data Space technology and help you to onboard Data Spaces fast and easy. You best foster your value creation based on data sharing, based on trust, reliability and Data Sovereignty. sovity’s well-designed user experience is compliant and certified, fully managed and scalable.

Extremely fast onboarding

Trust and reliability with open source

Well-designed user experience

Scalable solution fully managed

Certified and compliant

Interoperability technology from experts

Voices of our partners and customers

Experts from industry and research are supporting sovity

Many data space initiatives arise in various industries and implement use cases


Connecting the entire automotive industry to share data between supply chain tiers, from small suppliers to large OEMs, to benefit from use cases such as parts traceability or product carbon footprint.

Mobility Data Space

Supply chains are globally connected to ship goods with highest efficiency. With Data Space technology, SCSN digitizes ERP and procurement processes across industries.

Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN)

New mobility services and digitized transport are the mission of Mobility Data Space. The first operational German Data Space connects cities, cars, infrastructure and many other mobility aspects.


The energy market is in transition to be more efficient to lower costs and combat global warming. Data-based key use cases such as smart metering or smart grid are realized in the Data Space.


Industrial companies produce vast amounts of data with every mechanical process. Industry 4.0 and smart factories share data automated and standardized based on Data Space technology.


further Data Space initiatives are already established today.

Data spaces are becoming established in all industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Smart city
  • Finance
  • Logistics


  • News

    The strategic partnership between NTT Communications and sovity is emerging as a transformative force, empowering global data collaboration in Data Spaces such as the Catena-X automotive network. Guided by principles of data sovereignity, NTT and sovity are leading the charge towards more interconnected and efficient data ecosystems.

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    sovity's Connector-as-a-Service Bundle is officially certified by the Catena-X network, and available on the Confinity-X marketplace as an enablement service to accelerate participation and onboarding of companies. We recently expanded the capabilities of our SaaS solutions to connect the entire automotive value chain.

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    At sovity, we deeply believe in the principles and values of open source software. We are convinced that developing software in a community cultivates an atmosphere where users can access and participate freely. This approach not only champions transparency and builds trust within the community but also promotes accessibility and speed of development for all.