Principles of Open Source at sovity

At sovity, we deeply believe in the principles and values of open source software. We are convinced that developing software in a community cultivates an atmosphere where users can access and participate freely. This approach not only champions transparency and builds trust within the community but also promotes accessibility and speed of development for all. By embracing collaboration, we believe in cultivating quality through continuous feedback and refinement processes, ensuring that also our software evolves with the collective wisdom of the community. This is why sovity shapes its own and contributes to existing open source communities.

sovity Community Edition: Bridging access to Data Spaces

We introduced the sovity Community Edition, our dedicated initiative to equalize access to Data Spaces technology. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to empower a broad spectrum of users, from up-and-coming technical enthusiasts to seasoned development teams involved in deploying cutting-edge infrastructure. This vibrant community actively engages with the platform, bringing forth new issues, proposing innovative features, and offering valuable insights into development tools.

Our development process thrives on this collaborative exchange. The result is a dynamic and responsive ecosystem, where the sovity community actively influences the evolution of our technology, ensuring that the sovity Community Edition remains at the forefront of connector technology for the benefit of all.

Eclipse Dataspace Components Connector (EDC)

The Eclipse Dataspace Components Connector (EDC) represent a comprehensive framework encompassing concepts, architecture, code, and examples. It provides a range of fundamental (both functional and non-functional) features that Data Space implementations can reuse and customize. Grounded in the specifications of the Gaia-X AISBL Trust Framework and the IDSA Dataspace Protocol, EDC benefits from continuous improvement fueled by adopters  feedback. This feedback is generated by our customers, among others. They for example find problems with the core EDC and sovity resolves them in the original repositories of the EDC core (Eclipse), thus contributing to requirement-specific development.

Tractus-X within the Eclipse Foundation

Within the overarching umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation, Tractus-X plays a pivotal role. Catena-X wants to support developers in accelerating the development of services and applications. The goal is to play a key role in rapidly expanding the Catena-X ecosystem. To achieve this, Catena-X develops fundamental services These fundamental services include e.g. Core Services, Enablement services and are published as Free-and-Open-Source Software (FOSS) developed within the Tractus-X project. The initial Core Services are developed by the Catena-X consortium and encompass fundamental and foundational services. Tractus-X the official open source project for the Catena-X ecosystem, adheres to the development process of the Eclipse Foundation, fostering trust and collaboration.

Tractus-X KITs: Understanding Catena-X

Another integral component of the Tractus-X project are the KITs. These “Keep it Together” (KIT) documentation sets bundle the developed software components of Tractus-X and explain how to use them. They offer diverse perspectives on different levels, such as the Adoption, Developer and Operation views, prove invaluable for gaining a deeper understanding of Catena-X and its operations. By shedding light on different aspects, Tractus-X ensures that various audiences are engaged, making it easier for them to comprehend and benefit from the insights provided.

sovity actively contributes to the Catena-X open-source community, e.g. in the creation of the End-2-End tutorial or the paper 101 Enablement Services, to accelerate adoption at developers and growth of the network.

sovity’s vision is to empower effortless and safe connection, collaboration & innovation based on data for every one.  Our belief and commitment to open source software helps us to realize our vision and establish ourselves as the experts in self-determined data exchange and build the best software products for Data Spaces. We will consequently continue to drive open-source development on these and further communities.

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