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Our vision

To empower effortless and safe connection, collaboration & innovation based on data for everyone.

Our mission

We are the foundation for data sharing and data driven business models connecting companies in Data Spaces with our technology. We enable companies of any size or industry to share data with partners and get onboarded to Data Spaces.

Our expertise

We are part of Data Spaces since its origin. Our team of experts from science, industry or consulting shapes technologies and use cases around data sharing since years. The unique combination of deep tech expertise, broad use case know-how and strongest data sharing experiences provide the foundation to build best software products for Data Spaces.

Where does sovity come from?

As a Fraunhofer spin-off and involvement in the design of Data Spaces since its origin, we are perfectly equipped to accelerate Data Spaces.

Since 2015, the experts of sovity are deeply involved in the technological development of Data Spaces.

We are supporting the activities of Data Spaces since the foundation of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). Back in 2016, 16 different companies formed the association to build a standard for sovereign data exchange and Data Spaces – sovity’s team members were part of it. Over the years, we shaped different proof-of-concepts and use cases as well as defined key IDS reference architectures and developed reference implementations. Out of the Fraunhofer’s Institute for Software and Systems Engineer in Dortmund, the first Dataspace Connector was the foundation for first use cases in a Data Space. After more than 7 years, we identified the technological complexity as key inhibitor to scale Data Spaces. To counteract these challenges, sovity provides an easy-to-use software which allows every company to become part of a Data Space without tech know-how.

With this strong history and background in Data Spaces, we are strongly equipped to provide best and highly professional products and software.

The founder

The two Co-Founder with strong management, business, use cases and technology experiences around Data Spaces.

Sebastian Kleff

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Sebastian Opriel

CTO and Co-Founder

Our partners and customers

sovity is backed by a very strong network of partners and customers.

We have so many opportunities to optimize processes, create new businesses and make the world a better place for all of us with the help of data. Now it’s the time to make use of these data in a sovereign manner and shape our future.

Dr. Sebastian Opriel, CTO and Co-Founder

As former employee from Fraunhofer ISST and by several years in Data Space projects, Sebastian is responsible for the technical topics at sovity. In his PhD, he has deepen his expertise in an IDS-based use cases and developed key software components for Data Spaces. Since day 1, he is engaged in the open-source community.

Our path

Since day 1, the idea of sovereign data sharing is part of sovity’s vision. Jointly with our partners, ambassadors and customers, we thrive towards large Data Spaces.


sovity is part of Catena-X go-live in Cofinity-X marketplace and as preferred onboarding partner

Jointly with Mobility Data Space, we connect participants easily via the Connector-as-a-Service

sovity receives the Catena-X certification and our Connector-as-a-Service EDC is the first certified solution

Seven-digit investment by two financial investors HTGF and FTTF to accelerate product development of sovity

Onboarding of small and medium-sized automotive companies to Catena-X started

First customers use the Connector by sovity to accelerate their Data Space participation

Official founding of sovity as spin-off from Fraunhofer ISST to enable Data Spaces with technology solutions

Involvement in Data Space activities in International Data Spaces Association as well as Fraunhofer

Our team

As a data enthusiats, I truly believe in the value creation by sharing data – for companies, but also for every human being. With sovity we take a fundamental step to enable raising Data Spaces.

Sebastian Kleff, CEO and Co-Founder

With Sebastian’s background in IT and strategy consulting as well as his involvement in Data Spaces since its origin, is he well equipped to guide sovity to a leading tech provder in cotext of data sharing. He is driving the business development and data use cases backed by long experiences from different companies and industries.

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Voices of our partner and customers

sovity is backed by a strong network of experts and receives commitment from partners and customers of different industrial companies and research.