Catena-X is live, and sovity is proud to be a part of the open and interoperable data ecosystem for the automotive industry.  As the first operating company for Catena-X, Cofinity-X plays a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. sovity’s Connector-as-a-Service Bundle is officially certified by the Catena-X network, and available on the Cofinity-X marketplace as an enablement service provider to quickly and easily facilitate the participation and onboarding of companies. We recently expanded the capabilities of our SaaS solutions to connect the entire automotive value chain.

The Connector-as-a-Service forms the basis for Catena-X-compliant data exchange and lets you rapidly connect yourself and your partners. It is now augmented by further plug-and-play components to enable provision of Catena-X compatible Digital Twins. Easily create and store Digital Twins with the Simple Data Exchanger to share them in Catena-X supported by the Digital Twin Registry with our Enablement Services. Furthermore, we help you to make existing applications Catena-X compliant and certified.  The CaaS solution seamlessly connects parties across the entire value chain, enabling new core uses cases and business models, increased efficiency and driving innovation.   offers the innovative “Connector as a Service” model, which includes the The first use cases, strategically deployed in areas such as Traceability, Sustainability, Circular Economy, and Demand, Capacity and Quality Management, showcase the practical benefits that Catena-X can bring to businesses. With low barriers to entry, sovity ensures that businesses can easily join the Catena-X network. The reliable connectivity within the network allows for the swift leverage of ecosystem benefits. This service facilitates the technical and organizational onboarding of your network, streamlining the participation process.

In addition to onboarding, sovity plays a their existing applications to meet Catena-X standards. This certification process ensures that your apps are seamlessly integrated into the Catena-X ecosystem, contributing to a standardized and efficient digital environment.

Press Contact: Mary Alice Renners,

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