We are happy and excited to announce the partnership between T-Systems and sovity , a spin-off of the Fraunhofer ISST which provides tchnology to enable data sovereignty. Together we are taking a step further towards the future of data economy, the secure and controlled exchange of data between companies based on Gaia-X and IDS standards.

We have asked Sebastian Kleff and Dr. Sebastian Opriel Co-Founders of sovity, Sven Löffler, responsible for data sovereignty activities at Deutsche Telekom and founder of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub and Max Ahrens, T-Systems CTO, three questions about the partnership and their future vision on European data economy:

Why starting this strategic partnership?

Sebastian Kleff: Building data ecosystems requires many different levels of expertise. On the one hand, building a sovereign dataspace based on trusted technology and on the other hand bringing those into practice with industry- specific use cases: CO2 footprint, for example. The partnership between T-Systems and sovity leads to an an ideal interplay of competences to meet these requirements.

What is the potential for the market?

Dr. Sebastian Opriel: T-Systems has been shaping the data economy market for many years and has introduced key initiatives e.g., Data Intelligence Hub, RealLab Hamburg… and use cases in the context of digital sovereignty. The roots of sovity lie in building the technology for this sovereignty. We bring the relevant expertise to unlock and apply data ecosystems in a simple way. Together, we democratize sovereign data exchange and make cutting-edge technology ready for market and application.

What are the goals for the future?

Sven Löffler: Our common goal is the realization of data ecosystems and thus the establishment of data sovereignty. Every company whether SME or corporate should be able to drive innovation or generate business insights based on data while always retaining full sovereignty over its own information.

Dr. Max Ahrens: We want to build a European data ecosystem in close cooperation with our partners and thus ensure European data sovereignty. Initiatives such as Catena-X, Mobility Data Space or RealLabor Hamburg are concrete first examples on how technology can help to create a more sustainable future.

Original article: https://dih.telekom.net/en/a-step-further-towards-the-future-of-data-economy/

Presscontact sovity: Sebastian Kleff, contact@sovity.de

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