Why Data Spaces?

Data Spaces are the solution to accelerate the data economy and enable data sharing. They provide a decentralized, standardized and trusted architecture for data-based use cases. Data Spaces enable interoperability which allows communication between participants and rapid scalability of use cases. Data can be easily shared between different IT landscapes of these participants while defining how or when their data can be used. Sovereign data sharing allows innovation, new digital products or services, improved collaboration and higher transparency.

As a Data Space Authority, you retain full control over your Data Space. You define general rules (e.g., business model, fees, participants, purpose), compliance topics (e.g., local regulations, transparency, cybersecurity) as well as the tech landscape (e.g., components, control mechanisms, visibility of participants).

Standardized data sharing

Interoperable connectivity

Easy scalability of use cases

Decentralized and federated architecture

Several components define the architecture of Data Spaces

A Connector is the necessary component to share data in a Data Space. It allows to integrate internal data sources and to define how the data can be used. Via the standardized communication protocol, the Connector can simultaneously provide and consume data to all participants in the Data Space.
The Customer Portal allows companies to order and access sovity’s Connector as well as register and participate in different Data Spaces, such as the one you want to build. Customers can monitor the status of the Connectors like the usage of data offerings or data transfer volume.
The Authority Portal is a platform that you, the Data Space Authority, use to register members and assign the appropriate rights for different roles. The portal includes a monitoring function for the Data Space components, such as the identity provider and the data catalog and allows to manage participants. The portal is also a tool to accelerate the Data Space by matchmaking requests and demands between participants.
The data catalog allows participants to efficiently search for published data offerings of other participants via metadata and filter options. It guides the user to the relevant data owners where data can be consumed. Data offerings of the participants can automatically be registered after they registered their connector in the Data Space.
The data catalog allows participants to efficiently search for published data offerings of other participants via metadata and filter options. It guides the user to the relevant data owners where data can be consumed. Data offerings of the participants can automatically be registered after they registered their connector in the Data Space.

In the pursuit of interoperability and automated data sharing for use cases, a critical requirement is the establishment of common, accepted, and standardized vocabulary. The vocabulary hub stores all standardized data models defined by Data Spaces. Users can load these models for their usage in use cases.

The Identity Provider issues and validates identity information of participants to build trust. It ensures validation of a connector identity. Several technologies establish trust anchors. In Catena-X, the Managed Identity Wallets (MIW) service implements Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with decentralized identifiers (DID). Others use a Dynamic Attribute Provisioning Service (DAPS).
Digital twins form the backbone for many Data Space use cases. The Digital Twin Registry (DTR) provides a solution to catalog all digital twins with their corresponding information and assets. The decentralized DTR can be used as long as it’s fully interoperable with DT registries across the Data Space.

Benefits of sovity Data Space

sovity provides a fully managed and scalable Data Space following common standards from IDSA, Eclipse Foundation and Gaia-X. A standardized setup can be made available within a couple of days, adjusted to your needs, to realize data-driven use cases.

Fully hosted and maintained

sovity ensures a reliable service

Accelerated kickstart

Immediately start building use cases, onboard participants

Focus on value creation

Concentrate on using the shared data and develop apps or services

Compliant with standards

sovity’s Data Space is based on open source software and follows standards from Gaia-X and IDS

Continuously enhanced

Data Space components are further developed according to our customer base.

Our offering

Complete data space at all levels of service
Regardless of your individual Data Space requirements, whether it is a testbed to explore Data Space technologies, developing a PoC with partners, or building a fully scalable and productive Data Space, we provide you a complete Data Space on all level according to your needs.

Trust is a core value in Data Spaces. Identity providers therefore play a critical role in creating a secure environment for ecosystems to thrive. With our DAPS or Managed Identity Wallet as a Service, Data Spaces get a robust and scalable identity solution that is fully managed.

  • High reliability
  • Fast and secure
  • Industry-proven
  • Quickly available
  • Centralized, decentralized or federated
The catalog is the central component to find data offerings available in the Data Space. Our Catalog-as-a-Service has a proven track-record like our other components. It allows seamless browsing of data offerings based on Data Space standards.

  • Compatible with EDC
  • Scheduled crawling of data offerings
  • Integrated with great user experience
  • Enhanced filter, cluster and search functions
The Customer and Authority Portal manages the Data Space for you. From registering organizations to assigning rights and roles to users to notifying participants of community events. The Authority Portal seamlessly integrates into our Customer Portal. You choose if participants can order their own CaaS from sovity or if you provide a contingent for them. The portal is the contact point for participants to manage their identity in the Data Space.

  • User management
  • Roles and rights
  • Registering Connectors
  • Check status of Data Space components
  • Access service desk, knowledge base and other important systems
The Digital Twin Registry is a key component for many use cases in Catena-X that share industrial digital twins. Our registry is based on the standards of Catena-X and available as a decentralized component.

  • Open source core
  • Catena-X proven
  • EDC integration
  • High availability and storage
Data Spaces evolve rapidly. New Data Spaces emerge in different domains and have unique requirements. Our team has extensive expertise in Data Space technology and is ready to adapt to your individual needs to build the perfect solution for you.

  • Customized solution
  • Based on industry standards
  • Quickly available
  • Take advantage of the open core adapted to your needs

Our solution is based on:

Which domains use Data Spaces?

Data Spaces increase in all domains, where data is created and shared.

Automotive industry

Use cases connect systems from different participants in a value chain of a car to improve product and availability or report errors – traceability


Tracking CO2 emissions along production processes requires connecting thousands of parties to share sensitive data – product carbon footprint

Mobility and Smart City

Transformation of mobility by connecting sensors with parking garages and cameras in cars – smart parking and Smart Cities


Data monetization and cross-industry collaboration allows new products – smart grid and utility planning

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Smart city
  • Finance
  • Logistics

Use Cases

Various use cases can be realized with Data Space technology. IT systems need to communicate automated with each other. Data Spaces are especially relevant for cases, that share sensitive data with multiple parties. Use cases are about improving user experience, creating new products/services, enhancing collaboration/transparency or innovation. In addition, data monetization is easy with Data Spaces. Data owner can define usage conditions and offer their data in a catalog of a Data Space.

sovity shapes highly relevant Data Space initiatives

Already many Data Space initiatives exist in various domains or industries, more are continuously initiated. Data Spaces like Catena-X or the Mobility Data Space focus on solving industry specific problems and enable innovative use cases.
Initiatives like Gaia-x or the IDSA are essential for the further standardization of Data Spaces as a whole.

Do you want to participate in an existing Data Space with a sovity Connector?

Find out more:

Connect to Data Space

Find out more:

Connect to Data Space