Key enhancements of EDC – sovity delivers next version of Connector-as-a-Service to improve usability.

The newest version of sovity’s product makes it possible to participate in Data Spaces like Catena-X or Mobility Data Space without any deep technical skills and in minutes instead of months. sovity recently updated the frontend of its EDC Connector-as-a-Service (CaaS) with many user-friendly enhancements and additional functionality to further increase value for users.

New dashboard for better overview

The new Dashboard shows all key KPIs to understand the Connector usage and provides access to relevant information of the Connector. Users rapidly gain an overview on incoming and outgoing data, data offerings, assets, policies, catalogues and contact agreements.

Additionally, the Dashboard gives access to the Connector ID and Connector endpoints which makes connecting with partners and exchanging data much easier.

Easier creation of data offerings

Previous versions of the EDC are rather focusing on technical users with deep expertise in data space technologies (e.g., when defining usage policies or meta data). sovity’s ambition is to lower this complexity and entry barriers. The newest Connector-as-a-Service (CaaS) offers a user-friendly interface for creating and defining data offerings and meta data, e.g., by using Keywords to cluster offerings. Moreover, authentication and http methods can now be easily configured via the frontend in seconds:

Extension of usage policies

Over time, the CaaS of sovity will continuously be extended with further usage policies. Already today policies as time or connector restricted access to data offerings can be configured in an easy-to-use-manner. This makes it possible to limit access to certain data offerings to chosen partners and timeframes instead of unwillingly exposing data offerings in a whole data space.

Effortless access to catalogue of other connectors with sovity connector ID

To consume data offerings by other EDCs, partners oftentimes have to go through a long process of coordination and alignment with their partners. This process is facilitated with sovity’s CaaS: The connector ID and endpoints are available in the Dashboard and can be shared with partners easily, which enables browsing through catalogues and data offering in just seconds.

With the newest product updates, sovity further lowers the barrier to joining and participating in data spaces like Catena-X and Mobility Data Space. The company will continue to drive its products towards its goal of easiest access and highest usability of data space technology.

Are you currently preparing yourself for Catena-X, Mobility Data Space or other Data Spaces based on Gaia-X and International Data Spaces technologies? Are you interested in a trial of sovity’s newest CaaS?

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