sovity’s technology further advances to enable easy access to sovereign data exchange with the Connector-as-a-Service.

In the newest product demonstration video sovity shows how to setup, deploy and use a Connector- by sovity. Within just a few minutes data space participants can deploy a connector, add a data source to it and create a data offering with clearly defined usage policies. Furthermore, the video shows how to browse and select existing data offerings, accept the usage policies to consume data offerings in very short time.

Experience sovity’s product demo:

We are looking forward to further enhance the ease of access to Data Sovereignty technology. And there is more to come as sovity enables companies to become frontrunners in sovereign data exchange.

If you want more insights into our Connector-as-a-Service please reach out to us at We are looking forward to supporting your use cases with your partners to jointly shape the future of data sovereignty and data economy.

Presscontact sovity: Sebastian Kleff,

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