“Within minutes, instead of months”, lies our core motivation. We’re diligently engaged in several Data Space projects aimed at establishing interoperability and essential connections. Our roles vary extensively, within a wide range of industries within Data Spaces. In this article, we would like to provide a detailed glimpse into a few of these projects.

Omega-X: Empowering the Energy Data Frontier
Meet OMEGA-X, a project supported by the EU dedicated to establishing an energy data space following European standards. In response to the evolving energymarket and the need for efficiency to cut costs and address global warming, OMEGA-X is at the forefront of change.

sovity plays a pivotal role in this Data Space by deploying connectors on the basis of EDC for various participants to implement their use cases. Additionally, sovity comes up with the Identity provider and facilitates connectivity with various GAIA-X services

Sm4rtenance: Navigating Manufacturing Realities
In the realm of manufacturing, Sm4rtenance tackles challenges like connecting machines with different protocols, setting up intra-company data networks, and streaming machine data.

sovity zeroes in on the onboarding process, working to bring various industrial players into the Sm4rtenance fold and assisting them in navigating the onboarding journey.

MESEO: Space Data Space
MESEO aims to design, prototype and demonstrate an open, flexible and scalable multi-mission EO End-to-End system for massive processing. It will improve performance bottlenecks either on board or on ground while ensuring Space data sovereignty.

This project is still in its early stages, and sovity takes the lead by providing the entire Data Space. From the foundation of EDC connectors to catalogs and Identity Providers, sovity is at the forefront, to drive this Data Space forward.

For a more in-depth understanding, join us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for our series of introductions, exploring the facets of each Data Space in greater detail.

Press Contact sovity: Mary Alice Renners, maryalice.renners@sovity.de

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