sovity further lowers the barrier to participate in Data Spaces by expanding its portfolio of managed services with the Eclipse Dataspace Connector. This makes the access to Data Spaces even easier. In two videos sovity shows the convenient use of the managed Connector.

The overarching goal of sovity is to make sovereign Data Exchange in Data Spaces accessible to companies of all sizes and industries in a convenient and highly scalable solution. We are delighted to announce, that we are taking big steps towards supporting the diffusion of sovereign, decentral, Gaia-X compliant Data Spaces across the globe:

sovity provides the Eclipse Dataspace Connector as part of its Connector-as-a-Service (CaaS) portfolio. This enables companies to access the technology needed to stay Gaia-X compliant and to connect to different data spaces like Catena-X in minutes instead of months.

On the Eclipse Dataspace Connector (EDC)

The EDC provides a Connector framework within the Eclipse Foundation. It is driven by a strong open-source community, which brings standardized and modular data exchange to the next level. The EDC is used as key Connector technology within the automotive Data Space initiative Catena-X.

Get an impression how to conveniently use the EDC in sovity CaaS

Two videos provide an overview of the EDC in sovity’s CaaS. The EDC can be used to create data offerings and publish them to a Data Space within just minutes by connecting data assets with policies to form a contract:

This allows for the rapid generation of a rich range of data offerings within a data space. In shortest time Data Offerings can be searched for and consumed:

With the EDC as part of sovity’s portfolio, data ecosystems can be scaled rapdily by focusing scarce IT resources on use case implementation. The provision of the managed connector ensures a constant compliance with the latest versions and standards of the Connector technology required for International Data Spaces and Gaia-X.

The EDC is available with sovity

Are you planning to join a Data Space like Catena-X or rapidly scale your ecosystem? Do you need insights into sovity EDC playground?

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