data sovereignty: an opportunity for european businesses and technology providers

The greatly increased usage of data in our society and our heavy dependency on the US and Asia for digital infrastructure are increasingly at odds. In the light of recent geopolitical developments and the pandemic, the need for digital sovereignty is felt and seen. How can European cloud and technology providers differentiate from Big Tech companies and create new value propositions and lucrative business models based on digital sovereignty?

sovity connector demo: experience the deployment of a connector as well as the creation and consumption of a data offering within minutes

In the newest product demonstration video sovity shows how to setup, deploy and use a Connector- by sovity. Within just a few minutes data space participants can deploy a connector, add a data source to it and create a data offering with clearly defined usage policies. Furthermore, the video shows how to browse and select existing data offerings, accept the usage policies to consume data offerings in very short time.

Fraunhofer Venture

Fraunhofer-Ausgründung sovity GmbH startet Data Sovereignty as a Service für Unternehmen Umsetzung der „International Data Spaces“ in konkrete Softwarelösungen für Unternehmen Dortmund, 02.12.2021. Die sovity GmbH, eine Ausgründung des Fraunhofer-Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik ISST, nimmt ab heute ihre Geschäftstätigkeit …

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